Prioritizing transparency, sustainability and legal compliance

Tamarack conducts our operations following ethically responsible business practices, and adhering to strategic and operational policies, procedures and values that support transparency, sustainability and legal compliance. Ethical governance is integral to Tamarack’s core business foundations and underpins our ability to positively contribute to the world’s energy needs.

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We understand that investor trust and confidence comes from straightforward and transparent governance by our Board of Directors. Tamarack maintains strong oversight from multiple committees, including Audit; Corporate Governance and Compensation; Reserves; and Environment, Safety and Sustainability, each of which reports to the full Board. Please visit the Directors section of this website for a current list of Board and committee members.

Average board tenure
5.8 Years
BOARD independence
Females on the BOarD
Male  62%
Female  38%

Tamarack is committed to a culture that prioritizes safety and proactively rectifying risks and continuously educating team members on safety protocols.
In addition to the Environmental, Safety & Sustainability (“ES&S”) Board committee, Tamarack has an internal Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee (“HSC”) comprised of employees across the organization dedicated to identifying key concerns and opportunities for health and safety improvement. Tamarack is committed to the long-term physical and mental health of its employees across the organization. In combination with a comprehensive health benefits package, employees are also offered further wellness support including emergency mental health assistance and optional health and wellness compensation.

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Whistleblower Policy, a man and a woman in a boardroom reviewing documents.
Whistleblower Policy

Tamarack’s Whistleblower Policy provides officers, directors, employees and consultants with a process for disclosing complaints or concerns regarding financial matters and other matters, including violations of the Code. The Whistleblower Policy sets out the Corporation’s procedures for receiving and addressing complaints and concerns. Tamarack has selected a third party to receive complaints and concerns to guarantee the reporter confidentiality and, if requested, anonymity. Call agents are available to receive reports via a toll-free number or website 24/7, 365 days a year. The Corporation will not take retaliatory action against any employee or consultant of the Corporation who in good faith raises a concern, files a report or discloses or provides information or assistance in connection with any internal investigation or governmental proceeding or inquiry.

Governance Policies & Mandates
Audit Committee Mandate
Advance Notice Policy
Board of Directors Mandate
Certificates & Articles
Community Consultation Policy
Company By-Laws
Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee Mandate
Diversity Policy
Environment, Safety and Sustainability Committee Mandate
Reserves Committee Mandate
Respectful Workplace Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Code of Conduct
Health, Safety and Environment
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