Highlighting environmental stewardship, community engagement and employee empowerment

At Tamarack, we prioritize operational excellence, ensuring results are delivered while highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship, community engagement and employee empowerment. We pride ourselves on being an organization that operates with integrity across all aspects of our business. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability through our video series and our Sustainability Report.



The Materiality Assessment was conducted as part of our ongoing review of risks and opportunities. Based on key ESG factors the data is utilized to evaluate the perceived degree of importance and impact to how Tamarack conducts its business. Guided by the GRI recommendations for materiality assessments, Tamarack solicited input from internal and external stakeholders to generate a heatmap of alignment on the key ESG factors. Tamarack also referenced the key risk areas identified by the SASB framework. Results of the assessment survey determined seven topics of high priority and seven topics of moderate concern in addition to six topics which were categorized as topics to be monitored, which are individually illustrated in the heatmap plot below. The significant topics are subsequently grouped into six main areas which are addressed within this report. These primary focus areas are discussed throughout this report. The topic areas to be monitored may be discussed in conjunction with other topics and will continue to be reviewed and managed internally.

Two oil rigs in a field
Sustainability Linked BonD

To reflect the continued development and growth of our sustainability foundation, Tamarack has put in place a Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework to link our funding with our sustainability objectives. Please review the SLB Framework Summary to learn more.

S&P Global provided the second party opinion (SPO) for the SLB Framework. Please see the S&P SLB-SPO Report for more information.