Environmental Stewardship

Tamarack is passionate about minimizing our environmental footprint at every level, including carbon intensity, freshwater usage and land impact. Throughout our operations, we strive to exceed the rigorous standards set by our provincial government and industry regulators. Protecting the environment is not something we are forced to do – it is something we care deeply about and is a hallmark of our responsibility-focused culture

Air & Emissions

Tamarack adheres to some of the most stringent emissions management regulations in the world. In addition, our light oil production profile results in a lower emission intensity relative to many other oil-weighted plays.

Even with this relative advantage, Tamarack believes in the importance of emissions management and reduction. We continuously seek innovative ways to lower energy intensity and capture emissions across the full cycle of our operations.

Water Management

Water management is a significant priority at Tamarack. Although water availability is not a concern in the areas we operate, water security is a global issue and an important risk area for us to understand. In addition, water is a key input and product of our operations and is managed in accordance with regulations and required environmental approvals. We leverage innovation to minimize freshwater use and recycle produced water in our operations, which provides both cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Land & Biodiversity

At Tamarack, respecting the ecosystems and lands in which we operate is paramount. We are proud of the work we have done to manage our impact across the full life cycle of every project, from pre-site assessment to final remediation and reclamation. Still, we recognize that proper land management and restoration is of growing importance, and we will continue to prioritize land and biodiversity management, while seeking innovative ways to manage and reduce both environmental impact and cost.