Tamarack maintains a returns-focused strategy designed to target repeatable and relatively predictable plays that provide long-life reserves.  Our team uses rigorous, proven modeling processes to manage risk and identify accretive opportunities.  Our goal is to generate sustainable improvements to per share metrics while building a strong inventory of well locations that offer quick paybacks on invested capital.

In 2021, we intend to continue executing our strategy by following our core principals:

  • Achieve improvements to per share metrics
  • Maintain a healthy and conservative balance sheet
  • Strategically execute a normal course issuer bid
  • Enhance our existing low-cost core areas through tuck-in acquisitions
  • Continually improve well design to enhance profitability

Successful Execution to An Intermediate Oil-Weighted Company

As Tamarack continues to grow production per share,  we will continue to focus on increasing oil weighting and reducing cash costs to improve corporate netbacks.

Proven Production Growth (boe/d)

Improving Corporate Operating Netback

Reduction in Cash Costs

Natural Gas Market Diversification