Tamarack is committed to our long-term sustainability, which includes ongoing environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) initiatives such as well abandonment programs, methane capture projects and the continued support of Indigenous culture and education through engagement of our First Nations partners.

Environmental Highlights

  • Project specific improvements in 2019 included:
    • Exclusion of fresh water use in Viking completion and waterflood operations
    • Accelerated abandonment and reclamation programs
    • Lower land usage per well through multi-well pad drilling
  • Committed to ongoing initiatives in 2020 including a well abandonment program and methane capture projects

Social Highlights

  • Tamarack’s CEO is an honorary chief of the Blood Tribe (also known as the Kainai First Nations band) in southern Alberta, speaking to our long history of working alongside First Nations communities
  • Supported Canada Action’s advocacy efforts to raise the profile of, and support for, the oil and gas industry across Canada
  • Established a mentoring and development program aimed at helping younger female employees advance and grow

Governance Highlights

  • 40-50% of 2020 oil production is protected by hedges
  • 86% Board independence; 100% committee independence
  • 5-year average Board tenure
  • Executive compensation tied to clear performance metrics
  • Written policies in place including:
    • Code of Conduct
    • Clawback Policy
    • Anti-Hedging Policy
    • Respectful Workplace Policy
    • Diversity Policy, with 25% diversity target for female representation on the Board
Tamarack Awarded 2018 Global Petroleum Show Awards in Corporate Social Responsibility for Contributing to the Betterment of the Community.

2019 Global Petroleum Show Awards – Nominee for Indigenous Excellence

2019 Global Petroleum Show Awards – Nominee for Community Engagement (Received an Honorable Mention)

Community Events

Community Open House Presentation