Corporate Governance

Tamarack Valley is committed to providing timely, accurate and complete disclosure of all material information to the public. As a publicly traded entity, the Company must comply with securities laws and regulations in Canada and the requirements of the TSX. Tamarack Valley will implement all appropriate policies and procedures to meet its legal and regulatory obligations. The Company understands that investor trust and confidence comes from straightforward and transparent governance from its Board of Directors. Management and the Board of Directors believe that a commitment to the highest standards of integrity will lead to the ongoing success of the Company. As such, the role of the Board of Directors is clear and focused: to serve the long-term interests of our shareholders.

Tamarack Valley’s Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the business and affairs of the Company and approving all significant decisions made on behalf of the Company. There are currently eight members on the Board.

Please visit the Board section of this website for a current list of members.

The Board, in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer and senior management team, sets measurable objectives for Tamarack Valley and at each quarterly Board meeting benchmarks the Company’s success in achieving the principal objectives. The Board has established a Board Mandate and an audit, reserves and corporate governance & compensation committee, as well as a series of policies to fulfill the Board’s responsibilities.